Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What is raw denim?

A: Raw denim is the dry or unwashed denim that has not been washed or distressed in any way. It is straight off the loom, cut and sew in to jeans for the consumer. You, the consumer, determine how your jeans. will turn out with every wear, twist and turn that you make as the jeans conform to your body shape. To read more on the subject you can go here or here to get a more knowledgable understanding.

Q: How are your products made?

A: They are handmade by one person with the help of his hands, 1-2 sewing machines and other tools of the trade.

Q: How do your jeans fit compared to other brands? How do I chose the right size?

A: To be honest, we really don't know how our fit will compare to other brands. Each company is different and sizing and fit can be difficult. To get the most accurate and comfortable size, we would suggest that you follow our measuring guide here and compare your numbers with ours. 

Q: Ok, I have my jeans. How do I really know I have the right size?

A: Your jeans should fit snugly, but comfortable when you first try them on. Your jeans will stretch naturally and conform to your body with wear, so wear them everyday or as often as you like.

Q: Do you offer more than one fit for your denim?

A: We're working it

Q: Should I size up or down when purchasing raw denim?

A: It would be safe to say that you should purchase a size closer to what you would normally wear if the jeans are sanforized. If unsanforized, then I would suggest going up a size because there will be a significant amount of shrinkage.

Q: What care instructions do you recommend for your products?

A: Wash or soak in cold water ( with little agitation) with a mild detergent and hang dry. For your jeans and other wearable denim items, soak in cold water ( same as in previous statement) for about 30-45 minutes.

Q: Do I need to pre-soak the denim before wear?

A: The denim that we use is sanford (preshrunk), unless stated otherwise. It is not necessary to pre soak your jeans, however, it is your preference if you would like to or not. Pre soaking your jeans does help to reduce the bleeding of indigo dye and to lesson the rigidness of your denim.

Q: Do you offer different inseam lengths?

A: Yes, we do offer different inseam lengths from 30 in - 36in. 

Q: Do you only offer your products in small batches?

A: At this moment in time, yes. Having things made in small batches keeps the exclusivity of each product and allows us to keep our quality in good standing. However, depending on the success of an item, it may result in being produced regularly.

Q: Do you offer custom jeans, shirts, jackets?

A: Yes, you can view that information here.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: You can read our return policy here